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I've been writing in one form or another most of my life. I've cut my writing teeth on my other lives as a mother and school teacher, both of which provide plenty of fodder for the imagination of a writer and especially where children's literature is concerned. I've also served a kind of apprenticeship writing for a leading educational publisher over many years, with resources published across both the primary and secondary sectors.

In recent years my pen has taken a diversion, thrusting me into an adventure into the world of fiction, an entirely different creature that pushes boundaries and challenges the imagination in very different ways. I write both adult and children's fiction - amongst these are a couple of novels, several children's stories and some short stories - some published and some ready to publish.

I'm passionate about reading, writing, travel and conservation. Sitting still is a rare commodity that only works with either a book or a needle and thread and the latest quilting project in my hands. When I'm not actually writing, my mind is in overdrive thinking about it.

I live with my husband, three children, one dog and an assortment of wild parrots in the forested paradise of Olinda in the heart of Victoria's Dandenong Ranges.

Here are some facts about me you probably didn't know... see if you can pick which one isn't true!

  • I once climbed to the summit of Mt. Sinai by the moonlight, starting at midnight and in time to see the sunrise. Along the way I came upon Bedouin tribes-people selling Coca Cola from a small makeshift tent-store.
  • Not so long ago I slept three nights in a single person tent, in the far northern reaches of the Kenyan wilderness, with nothing but thin mosquito netting between myself and the glorious stars - and the carnivorous wildlife!
  • I have been writing student and teacher resources in the Sciences for a leading educational publisher for 15 years.
  • I once took the risk of resigning from my job to chase my dream of travelling around the world for a year.
  • I am the proud mother of three wonderful young women.
  • I live in the mouth of an extinct volcano - I hope!

    Take a tour through these pages and my blog to see if you can find the answer!