Maasai Feast
Maasai feastOf course, one must join in the festivities when invited to a Maasai feast! Part of our time was spent in the northern reaches of Kenya, visiting some traditional Maasai communities. These few days were spent in the wilderness of the Melako region, camping under the stars and hoping no hungry carnivores were on the prowl!

Our hosts organised a game of soccer on the dry river-bed, followed by traditional Maasai dancing and a feast of roasted goat. Unfortunately, the poor goats arrived at the site walking alongside the Maasai. I didn't feel like goat that night!

The Maasai warriors and maidens arrived to dance for us, adorned with their beautiful beads and feathers. The least we could do was to dress for the occasion - luckily I had just purchased some beads from one of the women's collectives. My traditional 'shuka' (wrap) came in handy too.


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