Raising Hope MAY Front Cover 18-05-14

Raising Hope is one woman's journey of courage and determination in overcoming grim odds to create her family.

There are elements of Bridie's story in all of our lives - an ordinary woman who faces extraordinary challenges.


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Stranger BOOKCOVER copyStranger
When Claire checks her cell phone at the end of her shift her senses are assaulted by the message staring back at her from the tiny screen. The SMS from Dana’s school screams out her daughter’s failure to arrive for the morning roll call. It takes a moment for Claire to collect herself, stem the tide of rising panic that swells in her chest. It’s quickly replaced with annoyance at her teenage daughter’s moodiness of late, her increasing secrecy and difficult behavior at home. The cascade of possibilities increases her irritation with Dana, her selfishness at causing this unnecessary upset. Until she calls the school and learns that Dana hasn’t attended for the entire day. Until her friends assure her they have no idea where she is. Until the police become involved.

was shortlisted in the Sisters in Crime 22nd Scarlet Stiletto Awards in 2015.

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VIGIL COVER3 copyVigil

When the invincibility of youth collides with the unexpected during a sunny wake-boarding Saturday morning, a family is catapulted into the grief of a bedside vigil, willing their son and brother back to the living.

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Sure Fire COVER copy
Sure Fire

An anxious mother contemplates the life and choices of her troubled teenage son on the day of the Black Saturday bush fires in country Victoria (Australia).

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Education titles

The Legend of the Great Wall

Darwin and Sasha are really excited about going to China on their school trip. Ben... not so much! Where will they go? Who will they meet? And what is the 'legend of the Great Wall'?








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Climate Change STAV copyAdapting to Climate Change is a suite of activities designed to inform and challenge students on the issues surrounding climate change. The package includes fifteen online lessons that address VELS levels 5 & 6, links to interactive activities, suggested solutions and teacher notes.

Freely available at STAV                                                              Author: Yvonne Sanders